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Flower poem

2013 to 2014

In 2013, it was a crazy year.The things that I will always remember is that, the White Oak football team went so far that White Oak hasn’t even went this far since 1971, that’s 42 years! Our football boys went to the semi-finals. It was a great season. Another thing I’m going to remember is when I got my dog. It wasn’t my first puppy but, it was my first Boxer. My family and I named her Sadie. When we got Sadie she was small but, now she’s gotten a little bit bigger. She loves to play. Also, I’m going to remember when my sister, Jensen made cheer. It was Jensen’s first year of high school. She tried out for cheer and she made it. When Jensen found out she made it, she screamed and jumped up and down. She was excided. For 2014, I want it to be a great year. I have some goals for 2014. My first goal, is to get better at reading. Understanding reading and to love to read. My second goal is going to be hard if, you are not careful. It is to pass both STAAR Test! Something I want to stop doing is fighting with my brother and sister. I am going to be nice to them and not annoying. One thing I want to learn about this year is more about reading. I’m going to do this by understanding what is says and watch closely to the question. Four more books I want to read this year is Bailey School Kids, more holiday books, animal books, and Catching Fire.

Should every kid get a trophy

I don’t think everyone should get a trophy,because people like in sports play around.And then there are some people that try their hardest.So people that try their hardest be rewarded or get a trophy.But, kids that play around should not get a trophy or be rewarded.So this is a reason kids should try their hardest,best,and all they got in sports,school,collage,and jobs.Even grown ups should try all they got too.Also people don’t always try best effort in school and the people that do try their best effort.So it wouldn’t be fair for everyone to be rewarded because the people that do try their best effort for a reason.So this is why I don’t think every kid should get a trophy


Lolly Lolly Lolly Get Your Adverbs Here – Schoolhouse Rock

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