Month: October 2013

Henry Hudson

June 1611

Explorer Gazette


Henry Hudson was looking for a Northwest Passage to the Indies.Hudson and his son were on a large boat with his crew. Hudson,his son,and seven other men got put on a small boat by the other crew and the small boat had no oars and Hudson,his son,and the seven men were left on theĀ  bay.No one knows where they are.What people have discoveredĀ  was maybe there was to much weight on the small boat with Hudson,his son,and seven people it could have sunk and everyone died because,they couldn’t get out of the bay.


Should every kid get a trophy

I don’t think everyone should get a trophy,because people like in sports play around.And then there are some people that try their hardest.So people that try their hardest be rewarded or get a trophy.But, kids that play around should not get a trophy or be rewarded.So this is a reason kids should try their hardest,best,and all they got in sports,school,collage,and jobs.Even grown ups should try all they got too.Also people don’t always try best effort in school and the people that do try their best effort.So it wouldn’t be fair for everyone to be rewarded because the people that do try their best effort for a reason.So this is why I don’t think every kid should get a trophy

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