Month: March 2013


Planting flower,

Take hours,

Flowers are bright,

It gets cold at night,

I love Spring,

It’s my thing,

Spring is were people like hugs,

All the pretty bugs.

The wheels on the bus song

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My Talent

This year in 2013,I fianlly found out my talent.It was catching.I used to not be a really good catcher.But, this year I practiced and practiced.Then I got it down.Then I realized,WOW!!!This is really fun.So,this year I will have a great time and wised I could catch before.I  really like it.So, me and my dad practice and practice ,until I get really tired.But, the best thing about it is,it’s fun and you dont have a hard time in softball.SO, this year in softall I will try my best,beacuse I cant let my team down.In, 2013 I fianlly,fianlly just learned.So, in my softball game I will try my best to catch that ball.It took me about 3 years to get the hang of it.So, in 2013 I found out my talent.I love it,it’s so much fun.My dream,is that I will grow up and be a profession softball player.That’s my dream.That’s my talent.

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