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How to solve 2-digit by 2-digit multiplication~Revised






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In 4th grade I have learned in math short multiplication.At first short multiplication is hard.Then it gets easy.Short multiplication is where you have 2 digits and you multiply them.You go up then across,multiplying and you get your product.I have also learned symmetry.Symmetry is where you have a object and you split it,if you have equal sides when you split it, it’s a line of symmetry.Another thing I have learned is how far you can go.Like meters,inches,centimeters,decimeters,kilometers,yards,feet,grams,miles,and kilograms.All of these lengths is how far things go.You use a lot of these things in math.Also,I have learned divison.Divison is when you have a big number and a small number.Then you see how many times the small number go’s into the big number.One more thing I have learned is just multiplication.Multiplication is when you have a number,then you add that number again.Ex. three times two.You get three then you add three one more time.You get six as your product.It’s related to addition.This is what I learned this year in 4th grade.

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