One thing that we learned about was the food web and the food chain. Learning about these helped me understand the system. We talked about carnivores, herbivores, and omnivores. I learned about what eats what and how the web and chain works. This all ties in with biology. We also learned about the ocean system. Humans rely on oceans for food, transportation, energy, and trade. The humans have changed the oceans through activities such as: pollution, overfishing, and climate change. We also learned about adaptations. There is behavioral and genetic. Behavioral changes in the way they act or react. Genetic changes in the physical characteristics of the species. We learned about ecosystem resources. Ecosystem resources are classified as biotic or abiotic. Biotic is living parts of the ecosystem. Abiotic is nonliving parts of an ecosystem such as: air, water, light, soil, PH, and temperature. We learned about heterotrophs and parasites. Heterotrophs have a relationship with what they eat described as predator and prey. Predator eats and prey get eaten. Parasites are heterotrophs that live in or on another organism. This is everything I learned from biology.